JAREK Extermination Camp

Fifty-five German orphans arrived in Villach in 1950, looked after by the IRO (In the middle of the picture below IRO Sister Martha Müller from Bulkes). The children lived about 5 years in different Yugoslavian children's camps, separated from their parents who were deported or died in extermination camps. They had, for the most part, "forgotten" their names, origin, and language. The Red Cross organized the return trip to still living relatives. (Heinrich Stephan, Translation: Bradley Schwebler)

Some information you will find in this book: "Children of the Danube" by Henry Fischer

A village map of the former German community of Jarek, which was made into a death camp for adults and children in 1945. The mass graves of the people who perished in the camp is found at the southeast edge of the village in a cemetery that still existed at the time. Source: Franz Fuderer's "Jareker Ortsplan 1987", in Heimatbuch Bulkes by Fritz Ilg, Martha Müller, Franz Straubhaar etal.
(Heinrich Stephan, Translation: Bradley Schwebler)

On the 1st of May, 2001 people from Bulkes visited their relatives laid to rest in the mass graves for the first time as a tour group after the closing of the camp, accompanied by two Serbs from Maglic. The graves lie to the left behind a 2 meter high fence. The picture is gloomy which was also the mood on the way back. (Heinrich Stephan, Translation: Bradley Schwebler)

(Übersetzung: Bradley Schwebler)