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Our homeland village

Welcome to the homeland page for Bulkes.
In this place we were born.

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This internet presence should keep the genuine information about Bulkes and the memory of our birthplace alive. You can not and should not replace the HOMELAND BOOK OF BULKES. The younger generation will find answers to questions in the search for their roots: "Where do I come from?" or "Where do my parents or grandparents come from?" The report should be about the settlement in 1786 on the Prädium (Latin for ownership, possession used as meadow land) Bulkesz, where as a result of the first migration patent by Emperor Joseph II, son and co-regent of Empress Maria-Theresia, with the settlement of Bulkes a pure German and pure Evangelical community existed.

"From a desert was a blooming Eden,
From swamps a new world arose."

(Adam Müller-Guttenbrunn)

After 159 years Bulkes was the remaining pure German and Evangelical village community forcibly ended by Tito's Yugoslavian regime. The Bulkes inhabitants who were capable of working were placed in work camps inside what was Yugoslavia at the time or deported to Russia in November 1944. On the 15th of April 1945 the last people of Bulkes, the old, the sick, and the children, were forcibly taken away from their village, leaving it forever, to be place in the Jarek extermination camp.

Our homeland village was renamed Backi Maglic in 1949. The present day inhabitants came mainly from Bosnia.
(Heinrich Hoffmann, Translation: Bradley Schwebler)

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